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Teammate Networking Events

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What is a Teammate Networking Event?

Teammate Events allow you to talk to well-known sports executives in the area as well as business professionals looking to expand their network.

Networking events are a good opportunity for organizations to share how they are positively affecting the community but also allows them to meet local and regional talent. It is not a career fair so there is no need to bring a resume, but bring plenty of business cards to pass out!

Upcoming Teammate Events:

September 16, 2014, Oakland Athletics Teammate Networking Event
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September 22, 2014, San Diego Padres Teammate Networking Event
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2014 Teammate Events Schedule: "Positively Affecting the Community"

Indiana Pacers January 4, 2014
Dallas Mavericks January 7, 2014
Portland Trail Blazers January 23, 2014
Brooklyn Nets (Sold Out) January 27, 2014
Golden State Warriors (Sold Out) February 6, 2014
Denver Nuggets February 18, 2014
New Jersey Devils February 27, 2014
Minnesota Wild March 3, 2014
New Orleans Pelicans March 26, 2014
Washington Wizards March 26, 2014
Tampa Bay Lightning March 27, 2014
Detroit Pistons March 31, 2014
Columbus Blue Jackets April 1, 2014
San Antonio Spurs April 2, 2014
Milwaukee Bucks April 9, 2014
Dallas Stars April 11, 2014
Brooklyn Nets April 13, 2014
Utah Jazz April 14, 2014
Phoenix Suns (Sold Out) April 14, 2014
Philadelphia 76ers April 14, 2014
San Diego Padres April 15, 2014
Minnesota Timberwolves April 16, 2014
Charlotte Bobcats April 16, 2014
San Jose Earthquakes May 7, 2014
Sporting KC (Sold Out) May 14, 2014
New York Mets May 27, 2014
Seattle Mariners June 25, 2014
Atlanta Dream July 1, 2014
Philadelphia Union July 16, 2014
Washington Nationals August 1, 2014
Oakland Athletics September 16, 2014
San Diego Padres September 22, 2014