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Ask Buffy

Buffy Filippell has recruited over 350 executives in the sports industry. She has appeared as a featured speaker at Harvard Business School. Ask her any questions about employment issues by emailing her at buffy@teamworkonline.com. No names, nor email addresses will be made public.

    Dear Buffy,

    Thank you for your time. I am a recent graduate where I majored in Sport Management. My time at college consisted of working with the Mens' Basketball program as a Student Manager as well as being a part of the Universities Sport Management Association. Since graduating I have worked in the Brand Marketing Department for the Detroit Shock and Pistons as an unpaid intern. I have a little bit of experience in the industry but am hard pressed to find an entry level position. All the jobs I look at need way more experience than I have. I was wondering what I am doing wrong? How do you gain experience in a profession if no one is willing to hire you? I was hoping for some advice any you can offer would be much appreciated. Thanks again.


    College graduate looking for a job

    Dear College graduate looking for a job,

    Unfortunately lining up prospective job offers start not when you graduate but when you begin your first internship. Students should understand that each internship is building your resume for graduation. College athletes are trying to build their prospects for employment after college every moment they are on the court, on the field, in the training room, etc. Sports business students should do the same thing. So, for each internship, you want to be the best there has ever been in that internship and you want some accountable statistics. Find out what previous people did in that internship, so that you can better their performances. If you sold tickets, did you sell more than anyone else? If you ran game operations, did you create something that's never been created before and gotten positive feedback? Did you write press releases or present YouTube videos that got more exposure for an athlete ever at your college? Students just doing jobs doesn't make them the most attractive, in the same way, just playing on a basketball team in college is not going to make you a pro. You need to be the "best" in whatever setting you choose, because similar to how young athletes are selected for college athletes, each athlete is usually the "best" in the state, and that's the way you have to think about employers judging you. Once you get hired, you'll continue to be judged against others in your field, age and salary range. You always want to be the best and measure the results.

    - Buffy

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